Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charity Auction - Boston, MA Photographer



I am ridiculously happy to be donating to a cause that is so dear to me.  I should rephrase that, as it’s really the people that I can help make happy by donating, that I am so proud of.  The cause is certainly amazing (a scholarship fund for Beverly, MA high school seniors!), but the people involved are the most amazing, wonderful, generous, good-hearted people. 

Let me tell you about these people.  At the center of this scholarship fund is one man.  I never got to meet this man, but I can tell you about him.  I actually had to write and re-write that sentence… he was only 23, and the stories I know of Chris Lopez are of his childhood.  The way that I got to know Chris Lopez was by stories told to me by his auntie Heather (my best friend), stories of a child growing up, loved so, SO much, by his family and friends.  The stories I heard were of a child, his good nature, his amazing way with children, his huge circle of friends, his love and respect for his mother, and his charming smile and the way he put everyone around him at ease.  I heard stories from his aunt of Chris being the first grandchild in the family, the little boy that everyone loved and wanted to be around.  Stories of babysitting and changing his diapers.  More recently, the stories became about a child who was growing into a man, going off to college to chase his dreams all the way across the country.


Chris passed too soon from this world.  The people that he left behind are good, amazing people.  The scholarship fund is setup by his mother and friends to honor one Beverly High School graduate every year in Chris’ name.  If you would like to donate to the cause, or attend the event, check out the news article for more information:

or their facebook page:!/event.php?eid=149729241739994

I knew that the best way for me to donate was to offer my photography services.  I think that having pictures, and memories, of our loved ones is reinforced when we experience tragedy.  I’m happy to offer a $250 gift card to the auction winner, to be spent in Chris’ name, in Chris’ memory.  Tomorrow would have been his 24th birthday.  Cheers, in Chris’ name, and RIP.


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