Friday, December 31, 2010

Is it 2011 yet?

I had a great 2010.  As I was creating this slideshow of the best pictures I took this year, I was taken aback as to how much we did this year.  And how much can change in just a years time.  I am so thankful that I captured these moments.  I think it’s cliche now to say that as a photographer, but god… I feel that SO deep in my soul.   I am so thankful I captured these moments!!!
When I think of what it is that I want for a New Years resolution, and in general, out of this life-  I don’t think I desire much more than what I have now.  How hyper aware I am of what I have as being more than enough.  I watched my best friend in the world lose her 18 month old to cancer only 4 years ago, and then six months ago, lose her 22 year old nephew.  Life is about living and enjoying the time we have here, with each other and never taking one moment for granted… It brings me the greatest joy to take pictures of it all.  And to be able to look at a picture from something and have that exact emotion rush through me once again. 
And on the flip side of the tragedies of life-  I get to document births.  How I love that.  Tonight, New Years Eve, my good friend Melissa is giving birth to her first baby and as I type this, she is having her very first moments as a mom.  How very very excited I am for her!  I love you, Meliss!
And so here it is.  Best of 2010, mostly personal but tried to include most clients I had this year, in chronological order-  Music by Coldplay.  Enjoy.. :)

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